Asthma & Pregnancy

Proper control and treatment of your asthma and allergies, including regular visits with your doctor to evaluate and monitor your symptoms and medication, will help promote a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Will My Pregnancy Affect the Severity of My Asthma?

Your asthma may become worse during your pregnancy, especially if your condition is considered severe. The hormonal changes that occur during your pregnancy may affect your nose, sinuses and lungs, causing congestion and shortness of breath. Your doctor will help you determine if these symptoms are actually caused by allergies. A safe and effective treatment plan will be prescribed.

Can I Use My Asthma and Allergy Medications While I am Pregnant and Nursing?

Today there are many excellent medications for treating asthma and allergies which have been found to be safe. Although no medication can be proven entirely safe for use during pregnancy, you and your doctor will work together to develop a treatment plan that carefully provides control of allergy symptoms with safe and effective medications for you and your baby. Medications that are safe during pregnancy are also safe during nursing.

Can I Receive Allergy Shots When I am Pregnant?

If you currently are receiving allergy shots for the treatment of your asthma and/or allergies, they can be safely continued during pregnancy. It is not recommended, however, that allergy shots are initiated during pregnancy. If allergy shots are needed, wait until your baby has been delivered.